Renovating Your Home


You started out with such excitement, watching all the renovation TV shows and trawling the internet for inspiration. Your head is swirling with colours and beautiful decorating ideas; now all you’ve got to do is start renovating, right?

Except… you just can’t seem to pull it all together. You keep going round in circles. Should you do the white kitchen and the funky white splashback or the white and timber kitchen with a matte black splash-back? And is that cute bathroom idea you saw on last season’s ‘The Block’ going to work in your house or will it just look a bit try-hard?

Before that’s sorted, you’re already thinking about all the other rooms that need doing. So many decisions – which floor coverings to choose, what colours to paint the walls? A full top-to-toe reno on your bathroom or just some clever tweaks? Should you change the layout of your kitchen or leave it pretty much as it is? Will your ideas ‘fit’ with the rest of your home, or just look like you transplanted someone else’s design there?

And you haven’t even considered the exterior of the house yet. Fear sets in. Asking friends and family doesn’t help – they just add ten more ideas to the mix and make you second-guess every choice you’ve made so far. The last thing you want to do is stuff it up with a mish-mash of ideas that don’t work!

Before you know it, you’re paralysed with indecision.
Overwhelming, isn’t it?

Working within the confines of your existing home’s style is a different proposition altogether than a newly built home where you start the design from scratch. I know, because we do both these things here at Hotspace. Incorporating the look you love in a style that suits your existing home is one of the things we do every day.

Colour and design decisions are just one of your fears; if you’re new to renovating, you’re probably terrified of your costs spiralling out of control too. It may sound counter-intuitive, but your renovation can actually end up costing you less money as a result of using a designer. The reason? We know what the real costs of renovations are. And we know where you should spend your money (and where not) so that you don’t run out of money like 75% of first and second time renovators.

When you use Hotspace services, we give you your very own ‘RAP’ – an easy to read, cohesive and comprehensive Renovation Action Plan that puts the power firmly back in your hands. Not only do we save you money on your renovation, but on average, we also save you 20-30 hours of wrestling with ideas/shopping around/deliberating options and comparing costs.

Our ‘We Design It, You Make It Happen’ concept offers you exceptional interior and exterior design help without the mega dollars usually charged by Interior Designers and Architects. Your Renovation Action Plan contains every little detail you need to implement your renovation. All the colours, finishes, and products needed are detailed so that you can either coordinate your own trades-people, DIY, use a project manager or a combination of all three. Cost estimate breakdowns are also included so you know how much you should expect to spend on each part of your renovation.

Still feeling a little bit nervous? Don’t be. We’ve got your back. Many of our packages include ongoing telephone, SMS and email support, so you’re never alone throughout the renovation process.

With 25+ years in the design industry, we know our stuff. Use our wealth of knowledge and vast experience to refine your ideas on style, colour and finishes. You can review this sample ‘Renovation Action Plan’ and check out our fee structure here then contact us to get the ball rolling.

Contact details:
Jane: 1300 908 890 or 0411 705 556
Feel free to send an email to us with your telephone number, photos of your property and details of your proposed renovation for an obligation free chat.
P.S.  Our client base is populated with fantastic, genuine, hard-working home owners who have entrusted their fledgling ideas to us to tease out into an actionable plan. Like this one below.

 “We recently had a Renovation Action Plan done by Hotspace. We knew our property had potential but didn’t know where to start! Jane listened and understood our vision for modernising our family home and creating street appeal. She was very clever with her renovation ideas and inspiration. She then provided us with a detailed action plan.
We were so happy with our plan; it was extremely thorough and we constantly refer to it! By getting a renovation plan it has saved us so much money by not making expensive mistakes. Everything in the plan has worked well for us. The plan was so thorough and I would recommend Hotspace to anyone considering renovating or adding value to their property to get it right the 1st time.”