Renovating forProfit

So you’re all set to start renovating for profit. You’ve found the perfect property, and you have a fair idea what you want to do with it. It won’t take much, you think – just fix up a few bits and pieces, give the house a coat of paint, add a few strategically placed plants and you’ll be all set to make a tidy sum. You can see the dollar signs already!
It’s a bit of a dream, isn’t it? Something achievable for the average Aussie. After all, we like to get in and have a go at things.

It can’t be too hard. You’re reasonably handy with a toolbox, and you’ve watched all the Reno shows; they make it look pretty straight forward. Besides, if there’s something you can’t do, well, you can always watch a Youtube video or hire a tradie, can’t you?

But then you start to do a bit of googling and maybe take a peek at some of those cringe-worthy pics of reno fails. You do not want to join their ranks. You start to talk about your renovation ideas with a few people who have also renovated; they’re very generous with their advice…and their warnings. They speak of endless delays and setbacks, having to revise original plans, bloated quotes that threaten to blow the budget, and some less-than-satisfactory final results.

Your doubts start to rise. How can you ensure you don’t make the same mistakes? What if the job is more complicated than you first thought? Will you end up over-capitalising? What if you splash out on what you think will make the property attractive, but potential buyers don’t agree? What if your vision looks entirely different once it is a physical reality? What if local council won’t approve your plans or technical details make your plans unrealistic? And the biggest fear or all – what if the reno becomes an endless vacuum, syphoning your money away until you lose it all?

Those are some fairly terrifying ‘what-ifs’, aren’t they?
So here’s another one – what if you could replace every single one of those what-ifs with something better?  Sound good? Let’s do it!

What if you could get help from an expert who provides you with an actionable renovation plan that will ensure you totally modernise and refresh your property while also saving on costs? And what if that expert was affordable and could assure you that the value added by the renovation would exceed anything you could achieve on your own? And -the best ‘what if’ of all – what if they could guarantee you would make a profit on the renovation? Yes, you read that right, what if they could guarantee you a profit?

Think that all sounds too good to be true? Well, what if it’s not?
At Hotspace, we can do all that and more. We understand that renovating without experience is fraught with danger, but budget constraints can make hiring an expert prohibitive. That’s why we’ve come up with an affordable, risk-free option for people just like you.

It all starts with a customised renovation plan written specifically for you. (Previous clients have found this plan to be so essential, they’ve referred to it as a renovation Bible or roadmap!) Your Renovation Action Plan is an area-by-area, item-by-item, detailed plan that you implement yourself. It contains cost estimates for every single item, so there are no nasty surprises halfway through.

With this in hand, you can expect:

A guaranteed profit

We estimate our clients make around 25%-40% greater profit with help from Hotspace than planning their renovation on their own. With a guiding hand from the Hotspace experts, and a commitment to implement our recommendations fully, you have every chance of succeeding and 0% chance of failing. We even guarantee it.

A property with a refreshed and modern look

As trained interior/exterior designers, we are experts in creating stunning property transformations. It’s not just a job; it’s our passion. Regardless of what your property currently looks like, we can create a design that takes the best of your ideas and blends them with our own to maximise the result you’re able to achieve. Take a look at our Before and After photos for some examples of what is possible.

Less expenditure but more profit
We’ve been doing this for a long time now. We know all the tricks of the trade and the techniques needed to maximise the perception of value in your renovation without outlaying a fortune to achieve it. Our methods typically result in you spending 10 – 20 % less $ than you would if you decide to go it alone.

Save time
On average, someone about to renovate for profit will spend upwards of 20-30 hours JUST on researching the best products, colours and finishes. We can’t wave a magic wand and take all your planning time away, but a Renovation Action Plan will come pretty close. It will strip away the need to spend valuable time trawling the internet and pounding the streets in search of the right selections.

One-on-one support
We don’t just supply a plan and then abandon you. Many of our packages include telephone, SMS and email support which that can be used anytime during your renovation.

Ready to get started?

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