Home Make-Overs


Welcome to your new, beautifully rejuvinated home.
Hotspace is here to guide you on your home make-over & cosmetic renovation journey.

You’ve spent enough time going ‘round in circles, accumulating and evaluating your ideas. Now is the time to pull it all together and create a final, cohesive and beautiful design for your home.

Your new Home – Light, Bright and Modern
You want a light, bright and modern home where you and your family and friends can hang out, relax and recharge.

You know what you like when you see it, but god knows you’re freaking out that you’re going to f&*% it up (oops did we say that?)!

A Step-by-Step ‘Action Plan’ for your Home Make-Over/Cosmetic Renovation
A Renovation Action Plan gives you a professionally designed, area-by-area, item-by-item breakdown for your entire home improvement project – inside and out.

No more trapesing around Bunnings or trawling the internet for hours on end researching for ideas and prices. Yippee for that!

Whether you have $30,000, $130,000 or $230,000 to spend on your cosmetic renovation or home make-over, we have a design package to suit.

We Design It. You Make it happen.
Armed with your Renovation Action Plan, you can now start to gather quotes and implement the design by following the instructions and specifications therein (DIY’ing or paying professionals).

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