I have a good eye for design. Why shouldn't I DIY my own renovating plan?
What are your prices?
I'm afraid of over-spending my budget. How can you help?
I can pay a regular colour consultant to help me with my renovation – why should I use Hotspace?
I want to sell! Can you help me quickly and inexpensively refresh my property?
Our property manager tells us not to bother renovating as they don't anticipate a rental increase as a result.
Using a designer is a luxury isn't it? This is a budget renovation, so why should I use Hotspace?
We are building a new home. Can you help with colours and product selections?
What's the difference between renovating a rental property and my own home or one I'm planning to sell?
Why should I renovate before putting my property on the market? My real estate agent says not to bother and to let the buyer do their own renovation.
Do you give structural advice or just cosmetic?
I have a property I'm thinking of renovating. How do I know if you can help me?